Dijatek is a web application company dedicated to building accessible web solutions that make small business easier. Our team is passionate about getting to know your business, your industry, and your culture, so that we can solve your UNIQUE problems with custom web solutions.
Dijatek was founded on a simple idea: that tech enthusiasts can help businesses operate better. It began about 15 years ago when Dan, Dijatek’s president, recognized that companies stifled their growth by not using new technology. At the time, he was tied down by his job flying KC-135 Refueling Aircraft internationally (nbd). But ever the programmer, he closely watched the industry. So in 2014, after retiring from a decades-long Air Force career, Dan created Dijatek.

Today, Dijatek is a team of engineers, designers, web developers and marketers. And every day, we go back to our founding idea that we help businesses operate better through technology. It looks different for every business. Some need a better website, while others need a portal for employees. And some have ideas that will flip industries on their head (we don’t play favorites, but mobile applications sure are fun).

Helping others succeed is our mission. Developing great web products is our passion. And every day, we feel fortunate because we get to use our passion to accomplish our mission.

We encourage you to stay awhile on our website. You can get to know the team, or read about our capabilities and the technology we use. And if you’re reading this as a decision maker (company size: any), don’t hesitate to reach out. Even if you don’t hire us, we’d love to hear about your company, and we always enjoy new friends.
Dan Kaltenbaugh Dan Kaltenbaugh
Dan is an Air Force Veteran with decades of experience as a pilot, programmer and innovator. His military success stemmed from his focus on completing missions flawlessly and effectively, which translates directly to his company. Dan is passionate about providing digital solutions for small businesses, and he loves solving business problems through technology. As a developer, he codes HTML, CSS, PHP, Laravel, Javascript, MySQL, Wordpress, Node.js, Angular 1 and 2, React and React Native, and programming languages such as Java and C. Dan is passionate about his family, faith and community involvement. He strives to give 10 percent of Dijatek’s work as pro bono as a testament to his values.

Dan earned his Bachelor of Science in Basic Science from the United States Air Force Academy, and his Master of Science from Nova Southeastern University in Computer Information Systems. He flew KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft during his Air Force career, in addition to his leadership positions.

Kelsee Gibbs Kelsee Gibbs
Wordpress Specialist
Kelsee is one of the founding programmers here at Dijatek. She met Dan back at Southwestern Illinois College where she earned her degree in Website Graphic Design. She is an award-winning website developer and our very own Wordpress Specialist. Truth be told, we're not always sure what she does, but she works magic with Wordpress site to make them look great, run fast, and work reliably.

When Kelsee isn't coding, she spends her time at home on her farm, with her favorite gang of kinder goats. Hopefully she'll bring one to work one day!
Mimi Soto Mimi Soto
Engineering Manager
Mimi was brought on to Dijatek and immediately thrown into projects coding unfamiliar languages. She’s a quick learner, a hard worker, and personally dedicated to the quality and usability of the apps she builds. Mimi enjoys overcoming coding challenges, and wants to use coding to create apps that help people and have a positive impact on the world. In the words of Pokemon, she just wants to be the very best that no one ever was.

Mimi earned her Associate’s Degree from Valencia, and her web development certification from the UCF Coding Bootcamp.

Amanda Wang Amanda Wang
Director of Operations
Amanda wears a few hats here at Dijatek, and she looks great in all of them. Amanda was originally hired as a full stack developer. She’s since realized her knack for web usability, so she’s also our resident UX/UI consultant. In a proactive initiative, Amanda created Dijatek’s client retention program. And if that isn’t enough, she’s a project manager for us. We could keep going, because she’s also a mom and a kung fu instructor.

Amanda has Bachelor of Science degrees in biology and professional health studies, a Master of Science in acupuncture and Oriental medicine, and a web development certification from the UCF Coding Bootcamp.