Think about your favorite restaurant. You love being there. You know the staff cares about your experience, and you never want to leave.

That’s how Dijatek wants users to feel when they visit a website we’ve built.

And just like restaurants, people judge companies based on their website. In one study, researchers found that 94% of users mistrusted a company based on the look and feel of its website. Is that fair? Maybe not. But it’s the reality businesses must face in an intense digital climate. Compelling websites will only become more central to a company’s success, and Dijatek’s team is equipped and excited to build websites users love to visit.

Digital Marketing

How important is it for users to find your website through search engines?

Is Bill Gates wealthy?

Is Dijatek’s state of Florida hot in the summer?

The answer to all three of these questions is extremely. Almost 90 percent of smartphone users find local businesses or products through search engines. About 50 percent of users visit the location on the same day. And there are lots of statistics that point to this same truth: your customers look for you on search engines, but your competitors are there too. So it’s extremely important to rank high. If you’re now confused about how search engines work, talk to us. Search engine optimization (SEO) is kind of our jam.


If you have an application to build, we’ll probably start giggling and talking really fast. Apps are the lifeblood of our nerdy souls. If you’re wondering what an application is, here’s a quick description: A web application is a program on your website that allows your visitors or employees to complete a set of tasks online (the same is true for mobile applications). At Dijatek, we build applications that automate mundane business aspects, manage data and inventory, and connect people everywhere (social media networks).

If you can talk about it, we can build it.

Full Stack Coding

Dijatek’s engineer and developer team is both diverse and versatile in capability.

We’re fluent in: JavaScript stacks, PHP stacks, programming languages such as Objective C, and front end languages such as Angular 1 and 2, React and React Native.

Dijatek has a custom PHP template we’ve created for small businesses to have an incredibly fast website at a low price. For content-heavy businesses, we build custom WordPress themes from the ground up. For websites that also need applications, we integrate with just about any API with any of our custom frameworks.

Dijatek also builds mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.

If you’d like to inquire more about Dijatek’s capabilities, contact us and ask to speak to Dan.