Dijatek's /install Internship

Dijatek's /install Internship is our flagship program designed to mentor burgeoning coding talent in the Central Florida area and enable their transition into full-fledged coding careers. Traditional itnernships are associated with college and college-aged students. However, new tech opportunities appear not only to college students, but also to experienced individuals looking to transition from one career to another.

Why an internship program?

We built this internship to provide the help that newly trained coders need.

Making the jump from school or another career into a coding career can be difficult. Often, our interns have plenty of in-school or life-experience, but little to no real-world coding experience. While not required, this extra experience is hugely beneficial to them to land their dream job.

Does it work?

Yes! Our high school interns have gone on to use the portfolio and skills they built at Dijatek to acquire dual-enrolled college credit as well as apply to their future college of choice. Our job-seeking interns have a 100% placement rate for finding a job by the end of their internship.

How does it work?

Our internship works because of a combination of direct mentorship from the members of our coding team and hands-on experience.

Interns learn how the industry works from the inside, about various industry specializations available to them, and apply best coding practices as an individual as well as part of a larger team. Each intern is assigned to build their own website portfolio as well as real work for clients, to ensure they have a well rounded portfolio. This portfolio is hosted for the interns, by Dijatek for free, for one year.

Soft skills such as resume development and technical interviews practices is another key component to the program. And, maybe best of all, we offer flexible hours so interns can easily schedule the interviews we know they'll get!

How long is the internship?

This is a 3 month, unpaid internship.

In month 1: You meet with each member of the team and get to know their speciality. You start working on your portfolio site and we make sure your resume is top-notch.

In month 2: You continue to work on your portfolio and start live work on client site(s). You start applying to jobs. The goal is at least one “good-fit” job interview per week.

In month 3: We refine your portfolio and review your work for our client(s). The goal is to have you receive at least 3 interviews a week.

Has this worked for others?

Our graduates have successfully used our program to both apply to colleges and receive jobs in their requested field. Everyone looking for a job has received a job offer by the end of their internship. This is, of course, dependent on the intern putting in the work to apply to jobs, and we can't control that. But we do promise to help as much as we can. And, if you get lucky and get a job sooner, no problem! You’re welcome to leave for your new job anytime you like.

About Dijatek

Dijatek develops Intelligent Software Solutions for businesses in the Central Florida area. We build custom web applications and dashboards that automate, integrate, and optimize businesses' process to make business easier, faster, and most profitable. We have been in operation since 2014.

The owner, Dan Kaltenbaugh, is also an instructor at the UCF Coding Bootcamp (ranked #2 instructor in the nation). So, we not only have a passion for mentoring, but we also have plenty of experience at it, too. Every member of our team is involved in helping our interns learn what they need to in order to land their dream job.

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I want to apply! Now what?

If you’re interested in applying for our internship program, fill out the form below. Someone will get back to you within 48 hours. We hope to hear from you soon!

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