Google Ad Grants for NPOs

Free Google Ads for your NPO, and you don’t have to do a thing.


What is Google Ad Grants? Google Ad Grants is a donation program that distributes free in-kind advertising to select 501 nonprofit organizations.

Facts about Google Ad Grants for NPOs:

  • Applying for the program is FREE
  • Qualifying for this program is FREE
  • If you qualify, your organization gets $10,000/month in FREE advertising with Google Ads


What you will get

Google Ads are the sponsored search results that appear at the top of every search performed on Google. They provide a direct link to sponsors and volunteers searching for your organization to the page where they can give money or sign up to donate. Google Ads are measurable, specific, and highly targeted to your audience, ensuring that the people who are interested in what you do, can find you easily.

More Donations

More Volunteers

Spread Your Message

Brand Awareness

What Do We Do? Here's how we can help!

Do-It-Yourself Training

We train you in:

  • How to enroll in Google for Nonprofits
  • How to earn a Google Ad Grant
  • How to use and manage your grant money

Handled By The Pros

With us at the wheel, there’s no extra labor cost to your organization. We will:

  • Enroll your organization in Google for Nonprofits
  • Complete the Google Ad Grant application for your organization
  • Manage and design your Google Ad Grant campaign, which includes:
    • An analysis of your ideal sponsor/volunteer
    • Designing your ideal ad campaigns
    • Writing the ads for each campaign
    • Monthly analysis of campaigns
    • Monthly reporting on campaign effectiveness
    • Keeping you up to date on all Google Ad Grant rule changes

Other Services For Our Non-Profit Clients

We don’t want you to worry about the tech side of your organization. We provide the following specialized services to our non-profit clients.

Website Design

We offer full-service monthly web development packages that include web development, mobile app development, hosting, security, training, and more.

Website Maintenance

Does your website need a refreshed look some updates? We can continue to develop using your existing site without having to start over.

Software Development

Non-profit organizations always have a lot of moving pieces. Custom software development can help manage your donations, volunteers, and staff for frictionless, automated operations in your back office.

Mobile App Development

Take your application and NPO anywhere with the development of a custom (iOS and/or Android) mobile application. We’ll develop it, help you publish it, and provide training so your volunteer staff can make the best use of it.

Search Engine Optimization

A good website without Search Engine Optimization is like a house without an address: It’s there, but no one can find it! Make sure your existing website can be found with our SEO services.

Business Mentorship

Want to grow your NPO but aren’t sure how? Our business mentors will help guide you through the most common pitfalls and help you chart the best course forward.